UEMF, SMEPS, AstraZeneca Sign Partnership Agreement to Reinforce Morocco’s HTA Tools

The EuroMed University of Fez (UEMF) and the Moroccan Company for Health Product Economics (SMEPS) signed, on May 18 in Rabat, a partnership agreement in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca aimed at reinforcing Moroccan capabilities through Health Technology Assessment (HTA) tools.

Also known as “HTA Charaka; Partnership for Better Health,” the agreement, which includes educational sessions and workshops, aims to promote a better assessment of pharmaceutical innovation and accelerate its access to patients in need.

“HTA Charaka” also aims to accompany the Moroccan healthcare system in its journey towards achieving the Kingdom’s vision to ensure healthcare access for all Moroccans, reflecting a solid synergy of expertise and resources each signing party offers.

On this occasion, AstraZeneca’s Country President for Near East and Maghreb, Rami Scandar, praised this new partnership, stressing that the latter “aims to drive positive change in the Moroccan healthcare ecosystem by evidence-based decision-making and ensuring innovative treatments reach patients in a timely and affordable manner.”

For his part, UEMF President, Professor Mostapha Bousmina, said that this agreement, based on a fully independent scientific approach, will be launched in line with the Moroccan healthcare system reform, reflecting  the University’s “commitment to promoting healthcare and encouraging innovation.

Bousmina also added that combining the three parties’ knowledge and expertise will benefit patients and contribute to advancing the Moroccan healthcare system.

Similarly, SMEPS President, Professor Samir Ahid, stated that “SMEPS is happy to lend to this alliance its recognized academic competence, research capabilities, and dedication to academic quality, assuring the highest levels of scientific rigor and innovation.”

In this context, Ahid expressed his confidence that this agreement will substantially impact the Moroccan healthcare system by enhancing patient outcomes with AstraZeneca’s leadership in biopharmaceuticals and EuroMed University’s valuable insights into the local healthcare system.

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