Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs: Morocco, Model of Religious Tolerance, Moderation

The Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dawah, and Guidance, Sheikh Abdullatif bin Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh, stated on May 19 in Casablanca that Morocco is a model of religious tolerance and moderation.

Intervening at a seminar on combating extremism and promoting moderate Islam, which he co-chaired with the Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Toufiq, Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh stressed the need to stand against parties with malicious intentions seeking to undermine the actual image of Islam that promotes tolerance and moderation.

“Morocco is a country of knowledge, culture, and civilization, and a model of tolerance, moderation, and fairness,” stated Abdulaziz Al Sheikh, stressing the importance of “preserving this model and standing against those who seek to undermine Islam or promote conflict in our countries and among our people.”

On this occasion, the Saudi minister underlined that Moroccan and Saudi Ulema are at the forefront of the defense of Islam, “far from all forms of extremism.”

The Saudi minister also urged Islamic scholars to fulfill their mission of spreading Islam’s noble values “regardless of political differences or the Schools of Law in Islam (Madhahib),” stressing the importance of holding more similar meetings to serve the ideals of Islam.

Attended by dozens of Saudi and Moroccan scholars, the seminar focused on several themes related to deconstructing extremism from a jurisprudential, sociological, and psychological point of view.

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