UNESCO: Teachers Are the Mainstay Of The recovery Of Education after Covid-19 pandemic

According to The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the world celebrates the International Teachers ‘ Day annually, on 5th October since 1994. This day marks the adoption of the ILO/UNESCO recommendation on the status of teachers of 1966, as well as the recommendation on the status of teachers in Higher Education, adopted later in 1997. These two recommendations provide a solid benchmark for the development of effective Education policies, for both governments and for other Education actors.

Considering the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic which has lasted for more than one year and a half, World Teachers’ Day 2021 focuses on providing teachers with the support they need to contribute to the recovery process of this field properly, under the theme “Teachers Are The Mainstay Of Education Recovery”, noting that it will organize a series of global and regional events, taking place over five days to review the impact inflicted on the teaching profession because of the widespread of the virus, as well as highlighting the promising and effective political response, and the pursuit of improvements in Education, both in institutional frameworks and in actual content, which makes it a way to raise hopes and ward off fears caused by this global pandemic.

‘’soukaina Muman’’, a qualified secondary school teacher in the city of    ‘’Nador ‘’, says that she has been forced to face two major challenges in her experience with Distance learning” ( studying remotely). One refers to the lack of logistical means, while the other one addresses the lack of real student involvement.

‘’ Students might not have sufficient access to the Internet, and they can miss the sessions organized via the platforms of ‘’Zoom’’ or’’ Tilmid Tice’’ , as the process requires a high-speed connection ‘’, she said to the press, before adding that ” there is little interaction between the teacher and students when the recording of the sessions takes place remotely due to the learners’ inability to ask many questions of what seems to be unfamiliar to them in relation with the lesson under discussion” .

This is the reason why the majority of teachers, tutors, educators, and professors do not hide their satisfaction and even their joy following the return to school of ” the face-to-face learning “, which remains for them the best teaching mode to move forward in the field of teaching as a whole.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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