Electors choose the Members of the House of Councilors on Tuesday

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On Tuesday, Electors will go to the polls to elect the members of the House of Councillors, which is the final stage of the 2021 Electoral Process.

Thus, the 120 members that make up the House of Councillors will be elected according to the following rules and procedures: 72 members who represent local authorities, being elected at the regional level of the Kingdom.

20 members elected in each region by a single electoral college composed of all the elected representatives of the professional chambers existing in the region concerned. In addition to 8 members elected in each region by an electoral college composed of the elected representatives of the most representative employers’ professional organizations. Nationally, 20 members elected by an electoral college composed of employees’ representatives.

The elections of the members of the House of Councillors, the second since the adoption of the 2011 constitution, are held on the basis of proportional representation under the rule of the greatest remainder, without vote-splitting or preferential voting.

The time allotted for the election campaign begins on the seventh day before the date of the election, at zero hours and ends on the day before the election at midnight.

Equally important, the Constitution accords to the Chamber of Councillors an important role in all issues with a regional dimension or socio-economic character, which makes it a real forum for debate and discussion of all issues that concern citizens on a daily basis.

Thus, the elections of 5 October represent a new challenge on the way to upgrading and improving legislative work, as well as in terms of monitoring government action and also in the perspective of effective representation of local authorities, professional chambers, and others.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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