US-Arab Chamber of Commerce Names Lalla Joumala Alaoui “Ambassador of the Year”

The US-Arab Chamber of Commerce (USACC) granted, on December 11, the “Ambassador of the Year” award to His Majesty the King’s Ambassador to the United States Lalla Joumala Alaoui, in recognition of her tireless efforts in favor of the consolidation of relations between the two countries.

Speaking on this occasion, the Moroccan diplomat noted that this distinction is a tribute to the vision of His Majesty King Mohammed Vl who attaches great importance to the consolidation of the strategic, diversified partnership between Morocco and the United States.

“The Moroccan-American alliance is not only historical and deep, but it is also a relationship that has stood the test of time,” stressed the ambassador, noting that at the very heart of this alliance, “there are women and men whose relationships have, over the years, enabled the establishment of steadfast bridges for exchange and understanding between our two countries.”

The diplomat added that “Morocco’s greatest resource is undoubtedly its people, which is why His Majesty the King has always placed human development at the center of the Kingdom’s policies”.

In a similar context, Lalla Joumala Alaoui highlighted “the crucial role of our countries’ economic actors and private sectors in the promotion of common interests and shared prosperity which are the driving force of any real partnership.”

Lalla Joumana Alaoui further explained that Morocco’s strong ties with other African countries offer enormous potential for American companies, at a time when Africa is witnessing a gradual emergence as a new engine of global growth and moving towards a continental free trade zone.

“The future of our bilateral economic and commercial partnership is promising and also that of the Moroccan-American alliance which will undoubtedly continue to prosper,” stated the diplomat.

For his part, the principal American assistant secretary at the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Henry T. Wooster, highlighted the friendship between Morocco and the United States, adding that the Kingdom is “a bastion of stability ” in the North African region.

Speaking on the same occasion, the President of the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce, David Hamod, stressed in a statement to Maghreb Arab Presse (MAP) that this ceremony is a tribute to a diplomat who has earned the respect and esteem of the community in Washington, adding that it is a manifestation of the growing relationship between the United States and Morocco on various levels.

On a similar note the US Ambassador to Morocco, Puneet Talwar, noted that the distinction granted to Lalla Joumala Alaoui is a well-deserved recognition, highlighting her unwavering dedication and her valuable contribution to the consolidation of Moroccan-American relations. 

In the same context, Mauritania’s ambassador to the United States, Cissé Mint Cheikh Ould Beida, stated that Lalla Joumala Alaoui is a “disciplined” ambassador and a model to follow in the field of diplomacy.

Referring to the human and professional qualities of Lalla Joumala Alaoui, the former American ambassador to Morocco, David T. Fischer highlighted the important role played by the diplomat in strengthening relations between Morocco and the United States.

Another former American Ambassador who praised Lalla Joumana Alaoui is Dwight Bush, who noted that this distinction is a well-deserved distinction for one of the best diplomats in Washington, shedding light on the excellence of relations between the two countries.

Created in 2004, the distinction granted to the Moroccan ambassador is awarded each year to a member of the Arab diplomatic corps accredited to the United States in recognition of their exceptional contribution to the development of American-Arab relations.

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