Argentinian Official: Morocco, Argentina Committed to Boosting Bilateral Relations

Argentina’s Undersecretary for Foreign Policy, Claudio Rozencwaig, affirmed that Morocco and Argentina are “working together” to consolidate their cooperative relations and boost trade exchanges.

During a farewell ceremony organized at the Moroccan residence on the occasion of his appointment as Argentina’s Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Rozencwaig stressed that the two countries are committed to a positive dynamic characterized by an increased exchange of high-level visits and a stronger political dialogue.

In a statement to Maghreb Arabe Presse (MAP), the Argentinian official shed light on the strong impetus achieved in 2022 in trade between the two countries, which surged by over 48% and is expected to witness an increase over the next few years.

Rozencwaig, who headed Argentina’s delegation at the 5th session of the Morocco-Argentina Political Consultations held in Rabat in October 2022, also praised Morocco and Argentina’s bilateral relations in political, cultural, economic, and legal fields.

For his part, Morocco’s Ambassador to Argentina, Fares Yassir, expressed his thanks to the Argentine Undersecretary of State for Rozencwaig’s support for the Moroccan diplomatic mission in Buenos Aires.

The Moroccan diplomat added that throughout his tenure as the head of the Foreign Policy Undersecretariat, Rozencwaig worked tirelessly to boost bilateral relations and capitalize on the potential of both countries.

The farewell ceremony in honor of the Argentine official took place on the evening of November 1 at the Moroccan residence and was attended by several members of the foreign diplomatic corps accredited in Buenos Aires, including the ambassadors of the United States, Japan, India, the United Arab Emirates, China, and Spain, as well as senior officials from the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It should be recalled that Morocco and Argentina held, last June, the 7th meeting of the Joint Commission in Rabat, which provided an opportunity to discuss a number of issues relating to the strengthening and expansion of bilateral trade.

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