Libyan Minister of Industry, Minerals: Libya Wishes to Benefit from Morocco’s Expertise in Economic Development

The Libyan Minister of Industry and Minerals, Ahmed Abou Hissa, stated on November 2 in Casablanca, that his country is keen to benefit from Morocco’s expertise in economic development.

Speaking during a meeting with the President of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM), Chakib Alj, and members of the confederation, Abou Hissa recalled Morocco’s “major role in resolving the crisis in Libya and reconciling the Libyans brothers to reach a political consensus”.

“We hope that Morocco will play a similar role at the economic level in support of Libya’s development,” stated the Libyan minister. 

Expressing his deep gratitude to Morocco for its commitment to Libya, under the Leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Libyan minister stressed that the Kingdom is ideally positioned to invest in Libya, expressing his country’s commitment to cooperating with Moroccan investors in the fields of industry and infrastructure.

“We need the concerted contributions of all Arab countries, led by the Kingdom of Morocco, to develop infrastructure and the tertiary and industrial sectors,” stressed Abou Hissa.  

The Libyan official also called on Moroccan investors to take an interest in Libya’s business climate, stressing his country’s readiness to pave the way for foreign investment, particularly from Morocco.

Calling on Moroccan businessmen and entrepreneurs to visit Libya to explore the country’s investment opportunities, Abou Hissa noted that the exchange of visits between the two countries delegations promises a new cooperation and economic integration era between Morocco and Libya.

In a different context, the Libyan Minister praised Morocco’s exemplary management of the effects of Al-Haouz earthquake that struck several regions of the Kingdom on September 8.

During the meeting, CGEM members and the Libyan delegation were presented with the investment opportunities available in Morocco and Libya and examined ways of strengthening economic and trade relations between the two countries.

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