Brazilian Senate Adopts Motion in Support of Moroccan Autonomy Plan for Sahara

The Brazilian Senate adopted on June 6 a motion in support of the Moroccan Autonomy Plan, calling for “explicit support” for the Kingdom’s “serious and reliable” efforts to find a solution to the regional conflict over the Moroccan Sahara. 

Signed by 28 Brazilian senators from different political backgrounds, the motion stated that Brazil has always taken a constructive and sensible stance on the Sahara conflict, adding “It is time our country to consider the Autonomy Plan presented by Morocco a realistic and pragmatic basis for a political solution in line with the resolutions of the United Nations (UN) Security Council (SC).”

The motion added that the solid ties uniting Morocco and Brazil “will be further strengthened through Brazil’s more expressive support, in the United Nations (UN) Security Council (SC), for Morocco’s serious efforts to find a peaceful political solution to the conflict over the Sahara.”

In this motion that was approved by the plenary session, the Brazilian senators expressed “their support for Morocco in its efforts to find a political and lasting solution to the regional conflict over the Sahara.”

“We believe that a favorable position by Brazil will contribute to an ambitious prospect for the two countries to build a multifaceted and mutually beneficial strategic partnership,” noted the Brazilian Senate.

The motion also noted that “Morocco and Brazil are developing, in a spirit of trust and mutual respect, a multifaceted strategic partnership, based on the tolerance and openness values that the two countries share, and their common vision of the opportunities and challenges of the modern world.”

“The two countries have great potential for cooperation in several fields, particularly in food security,” underlined the Brazilian senators, pointing out that Morocco and Brazil have established, in recent years, a legal framework to cover several sectors, notably investment facilitation, defense, double non-taxation, customs cooperation, digital transition, professional training, and scientific research among others.

The motion was presented by Senator Hiran Manuel Gonçalves da Silva, of the Progressive Party, who shed light, during the plenary session, on “the strengthened cooperation between Morocco and Brazil in several fields.”

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