COSIM President Commends Religious Leadership of HM King Mohammed VI

The President of the Higher Council of Imams, Mosques and Islamic Affairs in Côte d’Ivoire (COSIM), Sheikhoul Aïma Ousmane Diakité, praised, on July 9 in Marrakech, the religious Leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful.

The Ivorian dignitary stated to the press that His Majesty the King’s message to participants in the international symposium on “Sharia-related Fatwa Rules in the African Context” is a testament to the Sovereign’s religious leadership, inspired by “His venerable predecessors and illustrious ancestors.”

Diakité affirmed that African ulemas are committed to fulfilling the Sovereign’s call “to exert a positive influence on people by highlighting the virtues of moderation and balance,” to preserve Islam and its civilization in Africa. 

The Ivorian Sheikh also shed light on the predominance and influence of the Moroccan religious model, noting that a large number of African ulemas have received their training in the Kingdom.

In this regard, Diakité praised the major role played by Mohammed VI Foundation for African Oulema in uniting the continent’s ulemas, stressing that this institution has enabled African scholars to meet and discuss important issues, as illustrated by the symposium on the “Sharia-related Fatwa Rules in the African Context.

Organized by Mohammed VI Foundation of African Oulema, the symposium brings together over 350 ulemas, men and women, representing Fatwa institutions and Higher Islamic Councils from 72 African, Asian, European, and South American countries.

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