The Cultural Heritage of Morocco was on display in Mexico

Morocco’s Cultural Heritage was displayed at the 3rd edition of a charityevent recently held for the Mexican Red Cross in central Mexico.

The Moroccan Embassy in Mexico City stated that the event held under the theme: “Support today becomes a fashion – Morocco at home”, was organized by the association Salvatierra and the Mexican Red Cross in the state of Tlaxcala (120 km southeast of Mexico City).

In addition, the same source affirmed that the focus was widely stressed on discovering the realm of Moroccan Fashion, particularly its charming colorful caftans displayed through a fashion show, which impressed most of the event’s visitors. To say nothing of the extent to which culinary dishes were of particular interest to all attendees for being nutritious and appetizing when it comes to the ingredients’ rich flavors.

On this occasion, the Ambassador of Morocco, Mr. Abdelfattah Lebbar, made a historical reminder of the different civilizations that had forged the Moroccan identity through ages, taking the example of Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Jews and Arabs, Romans and Andalusians, Sub-Saharan Africans , etc , highlighting the areas of convergence between both the Moroccan and Mexican cultures.

Caftans are deeply rooted in the culture of Morocco, as well as its history and heritage. Its features definitely symbolize royalty and nobility. Indeed, Caftans are worthy to be admired by different populations throughout the world.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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