Grand Mufti of Al-Quds, Palestine Explores Measures Undertaken by Bayt Mal al-Quds Asharif Agency during Ramadan

The Grand Mufti of al-Quds and Palestine, Sheikh Mohamed Hussein, was informed, Monday in Rabat, of the actions undertaken by Bayt Mal al-Quds Asharif Agency in the Holy City during the holy month of Ramadan.

During a meeting with the Managing Director of the Agency, Mohamed Salem Echerkaoui, the emphasis was placed on the numerous actions that the Agency is undertaking during this month for a budget exceeding $250 thousand (USD), allocated for outreach and social and humanitarian assistance programs.

Intervening on this occasion, Echerkaoui noted that the Agency, under the supervision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Chairman of al-Quds Committee, has provided lit lanterns in all corners of the Holy City, notably the Old City of Al-Quds, Burj AlLuqluq, Selouane, Wadi Al-Joz, Al-Issawiya, Beit Hanina, Shuafat and Jabel Mukaber.

Echerkaoui added that the Agency launched, in early Ramadan, a community animation program for the benefit of thirteen associations in Al-Quds for a total amount of USD100 thousand, with the participation of the Association of the Moroccan Cultural Center “Dar Al Maghrib”. 

The Agency’s Managing Director also noted that the social assistance program for the benefit of needy families in Al-Quds, whose budget is close to $100 thousand (USD), has benefited approximately 124 families of orphans sponsored by the Agency, 500 needy families and people from 6 social and charitable institutions, 131 school guards and 80 families in difficult circumstances.

In this regard, Echerkaoui also referred to the unit for the coordination and monitoring of emergency cases and relief in al-Quds, established by the Agency at Al-Makassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital in Al-Quds, which is an integrated project to promote communication between emergency and relief teams.

For his part, Sheikh Mohamed Hussein commended the ongoing actions of Bayt Mal al-Quds Asharif Agency and its impact on the Holy City and the Maqdessis. The Grand Mufti also highlighted the contributions of Morocco, His Majesty the King, and Moroccans in Palestine and the ties uniting Moroccans and Palestinians, especially in Al-Quds, welcoming in this regard the creation of “Dar Al Maghrib” in Al-Quds.

Following this meeting, Sheikh Mohamed Hussein visited the exhibition of plastic art “Poetry in the Colors of Al-Quds: lines of poets through the feathers of plastic artists”, set up at the Agency’s headquarters in celebration of its silver jubilee.

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