India: Two dead and more than 100 arrested during demonstrations protesting remarks about the Prophet Muhammad

In India, demonstrations by Muslims provoked by remarks deemed insulting by a member of the ruling party about their prophet, turned tragic on Friday June 10, 2022.

“Indian police on Friday killed two people during demonstrations organized by Muslims to protest against remarks deemed insulting to the Prophet Muhammad made by a ruling party official. More than 130 others were arrested”, this Saturday 11 June 2022.

Anger has engulfed the Muslim world since last week, when a spokeswoman for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party criticized the relationship between the Prophet and his youngest wife, Aisha, during a televised debate.

After Friday prayers, Muslims took to the streets in droves across India and neighboring countries to condemn the remarks. Police opened fire on the crowd in the eastern town of Ranchi.

Most of the protests ended peacefully, but in some towns protesters threw rocks at police and injured at least one officer, said Avanish Awasthi, a secretary general in the state government. “We will take strict action against those who throw stones and engage in violence,” he said.

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