Malawian FM Affirms Country’s Commitment to Strengthening Cooperation with Morocco

Malawi’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nancy Tembo, affirmed, on the sidelines of a reception organized by the Moroccan Embassy in Lilongwe in celebration of the 24th anniversary of His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s accession to the throne of His glorious Ancestors, that the Malawian government is committed to strengthening cooperative relations with Morocco, particularly in trade.

Tembo stressed that “Malawi will continue to cooperate with Morocco at the bilateral, regional, and international levels for the mutual benefit of the two countries,” emphasizing that “cooperation and partnership between Morocco and Malawi continue to prosper.”

The Malawian official recalled that her country has received technical assistance from Morocco in the form of training in the fields of agriculture and irrigation, health, information technology, security, water management, diplomacy, fisheries, and housing among other fields.

“Morocco also supports the Malawian education sector under a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that provides the country with a great privilege to continue promoting education standards as one of the main pillars of socio-economic development,” added the Malawian official.

Malawi’s Minister of Foreign Affairs also noted that her country is looking forward to collaborative initiatives in the fields of research, academic exchanges, and cultural events that will contribute to mutual enrichment and promote intercultural dialogue.

In the agricultural sector, Tembo recalled that the Malawian Government received a donation of 10.00 metric tons of fertilizer from Morocco in 2022, noting that this initiative came at just the right time to boost maize production during the last agricultural season.

For his part, Morocco’s Chargé d’Affaires in Lilongwe, Abdelkader Naji, praised the excellent relations, cooperation level, and the convergence of views between the two countries, particularly on African issues.

Noting that Morocco and Malawi share the same ambition of an integrated, stable, secure, and developed Africa for the benefit of its peoples, Naji called for further strengthening of bilateral cooperation on issues of common interest.

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