Moroccan Sahara: US Reiterates Unwavering Support for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan

The United States reiterated, on November 20, its unwavering position on the Moroccan Sahara issue, reaffirming its support for the Moroccan Autonomy Plan as “serious, credible, and realistic”.

During a press briefing in Washington, the US State Department Spokesperson, Matthew Miller, stated that his country continues “to view Morocco’s Autonomy Plan as serious, credible, and realistic”. 

“We fully support the UN personal envoy of the secretary-general as he intensifies the UN-led political process on Western Sahara to advance an enduring and dignified solution without further delay,” added Miller. 

The US State Department Spokesperson’s statement confirms the United States’ unwavering position, which led to the historic recognition in 2020 of the Moroccan Sahara by this international power and influential member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), and the country’s support for Morocco’s full sovereignty over its entire territory, including its southern provinces.

In response to a question on the recent visit to Tindouf by the American ambassador to Algeria, Elizabeth Moore Aubin, the State Department spokesperson noted that this visit was organized by the United Nations (UN), which brought together a wide range of international donors, recalling that the US is the world’s main contributor to humanitarian efforts. 

“There was no bilateral engagement with the Polisario during this UN donor visit,” affirmed Miller. 

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