US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman: Morocco, a Stable Country, Great US Ally

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US, Army General, Mark Milley, stated that Morocco is a “partner and great ally” of the US and a stable country in a continent and a region in search of stability.

The American Military official stressed, following his talks with the Minister Delegate to the Head of Government, in charge of the National Defense Administration, Abdeltif Loudyi, and with Lieutenant General, Inspector General of the Royal Armed Forces, and Commander of the South Zone, Belkhir El Farouk, that Morocco is the biggest ally of the US in the African continent.

In this regard, Milley emphasized the long-standing depth of ties between the two countries, expressing the desire of the US to strengthen and expand relations with the Kingdom, which was the first nation to acknowledge the independence of the United States.

The American Army General further praised the “existing strong and excellent” military relations between the two countries, evidenced by the annual “African Lion” exercises, held for nearly 20 years,  that proved their effectiveness, as well as many other issues related to regional security.

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