Mexican Magazine Ecos Politicos Highlights Morocco’s Development Dynamics

Mexican magazine “Ecos Politicos” highlighted the ongoing development dynamics in Morocco and the Kingdom’s strategic position as a hub for trade and investment in Africa and the Arab world.

In its issue for March and April, the monthly magazine discussed the development of Moroccan-Mexican ties on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, highlighting the Kingdom’s achievements in the diversification and modernization of its economic fabric.

The publication noted that over the years, Morocco has developed a pioneering economic model focused on industry, agriculture, services, and international trade, which benefits from the Kingdom’s strategic geographical location and its openness to the world.

Emphasis was also placed on the strengthening and diversification of the national industrial ecosystem, especially in the automotive sector which has promoted the Kingdom to the first rank of producers of passenger cars in Africa and the Arab world.

In an interview with the Mexican magazine, the Moroccan ambassador to Mexico, Abdelfattah Lebbar, reviewed the Kingdom’s different aspects of development and the strengthening of cooperation between Morocco and Mexico at several levels. 

Lebbar noted that Morocco has become, in recent years, a major platform for investment at the international level.

The Moroccan ambassador also emphasized that the Kingdom has launched an ambitious program of structural reforms in several fields, aimed at liberalizing the economy and improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

Lebbar further noted that His Majesty King Mohammed VI gives a strong impetus to this reform dynamic, and deep economic and social transformation, which enables Morocco to step up its movement towards a sustainable human development model.

In this regard, Lebbar highlighted that this dynamic is also illustrated through large-scale infrastructure projects,  such as the port of Tangier Med, the first port in the Mediterranean, the extension of highway and railway networks, the launch of new high-speed train lines, as well as major projects for the generation of renewable and clean energy.

Recalling the excellent relations linking Morocco and Mexico, the Moroccan diplomat expressed the willingness to further strengthen cooperation and explore new areas of partnership, especially in the fields of industry, agriculture, energy, tourism, and technology.

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