Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez Hails Excellent Relations Uniting Morocco, Spain

Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, praised, on July 4, the excellent relations between his country and Morocco, noting that the “strategic” ties uniting the two Kingdoms are a “good model” to be adopted by other countries.

In an appearance on a program on the Spanish “Telecinco” channel, Sanchez stated that “relations between Morocco and Spain are regarded by other European governments and the European Commission (EC) as strategic and a good example for many countries to follow in their bilateral cooperation.”

“Relations with Morocco are critically important and fundamental, particularly in the fields of trade and economy, as the majority of Spanish investments on the African continent focus on Morocco,” stressed Sanchez.

The Spanish Prime Minister added that cooperative ties with Morocco are also crucial in terms of “security, countering terrorism, and illegal immigration.”

Sanchez also expressed his solidarity with Morocco, which is “fighting against irregular migration” and has become a host country.

“Often, when we think of immigration, we seem to forget that Morocco also suffers from irregular migration, which originates from an unstable region like the Sahel,” underlined the Spanish official, adding that youth who want to immigrate are seeking a better future not only in Europe but also in African countries such as Morocco.

“Discussing immigration with Morocco must entail putting ourselves in Morocco’s shoes and realizing that the Moroccan Kingdom also struggles with this phenomenon,” concluded the Spanish Prime Minister.

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